February 2023

Please note that our container will be coming in via Cebu Port instead of Manila Port.

Estimated Transit Time from Rotterdam Port to Cebu Port is 7-8 weeks. 

ETD Rotterdam Port: March 3 – ETA Cebu Port: April 21
Shipping & Pickup Schedule for February 2023
February 4:  Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Utrecht
February 5:  Antwerp & Brabant
February 11: Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam, Utrecht 
February 12: Brabant, Antwerp
February 25: Rotterdam, Den Haag Amsterdam, Utrecht
February 26: Luxembourg (Please have Willy Picked up your boxes before this date) Thank you.

Please Note, that due to Congestion at Transhipment Ports in China,
which still hasn’t resolved untill now, we are still expecting delays, these delays is way beyond our control.

And that is why we cannot promise that your boxes will be delivered on your prefered delivery dates.